Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mancini: Balotelli needs to see hypnotist

Balotelli outside a nightspot with an unknown blonde, smoking
Manchester City's controversial striker, Mario Balotelli has been told by his manager that he needs to see a hypnotist to stop his smoking habit. Balotelli has been known to do 'interesting' things in the past that confuse most people.
 Some examples being driving round Manchester throwing money out of his car window and setting fireworks off in his own home! However, none of these crazy acts would effect him physically, like smoking would, this is why Mancini has taken action. Mario has also been told that he should see a psychiatrist but his manager would rather he saw both, at once! 
This is all after the Italian was seen at a nightspot smoking whilst he should have been resting ahead of an eye operation for a problem that City bosses apparently fear has been made worse by the player's smoking habit. 
The Manchester City boss reckons Super Mario could improve his red-hot form if he gives up the bad habit for the new year. Asked if he knew Balotelli liked a drag, Mancini said: “Yeah, I know he smokes. For me it’s not OK but I’m not his father or his mother." And Mancini mocked: “Maybe he uses cigarettes to light up the fireworks!”
However it is obvious that the Italian manager is a big fan of the young striker after swiftly rejecting an astounding £40 million bid in the summer from big spending French side Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Mario Balotelli was the centre of a number of high money bids after a successful season winning the Premier League with Manchester City and a good tournament with Italy at the European Championship.

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